Monday, May 25, 2009

Success is Sweeter than Sugar

Today was the 3rd meeting of the Detox Raanana Group. This is a group 30-day detox in which we have gradually eliminated sugar, artificial sweeteners, coffee, wheat, and now dairy.

I am so filled with excitement and joy after today's meeting. The 6 remaining participants are having FANTASTIC results! All of them are down between 1-2 kgs (2-4 lbs) in two weeks which is a perfect rate of loss. They look amazing - you should have seen the glow going on in that room. And they feel even more amazing! Here are some quotes I jotted down today:

"The weight is falling off of me and I LOVE that I'm not even dieting! I am so satisfied eating whole foods everyday that I don't even feel hunger."

"I am loving all the food and do not feel deprived at all, which is a shock to me because when we started, giving these items up seemed completely impossible."

"I am no longer struggling with food and an out-of-control appetite!"
"I love fruit. I had denied myself fruit for so long because when you are dieting it's always restricted. Now that I'm eating it, I'm losing more weight than I ever did on any diet."

"There's a diet pudding in my fridge. It's been there for 2 weeks. I have no intention of ever eating one of those again!"

"I feel so happy and proud. I am no longer bloated, my weight is dropping and I feel free."

"Food looks so good in it's natural state."

"I never thought I would be able to do this and I certainly didn't expect such great results. It has been so easy with the coaching and information you have given us and with the awesome support of the group."

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Dear Diet Jail,
I WILL defeat you. One client at a time. You are going down.

Emily Segal
Holistic Health Counselor and proud leader of Detox Raanana

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