Sunday, May 16, 2010

The truth about what's been going on

Blogs are funny things.  The main reason I started this blog is so that clients and potential clients could get to know me better on a more personal level than what comes through on my business website.  I found out that I love writing it and get some really nice feedback from all kinds of people who have been inspired to make changes in their lives and health, in part by something they read here.  So that's really cool.

But the "funny" part comes in with how much to share?  I'm never really quite sure.  There is this desire to share everything, but that's dumb because anyone in the world could read this.  Right?  But then not sharing anything at all feels dishonest too.  Is it better to be more transparent even if it exposes that all is not rosy behind my curtain?  I sure hope so, because that's what I've decided to do...

Why have I not been keeping up with my blogging like I was before?  The truth is that I haven't been feeling well.  It's awfully hard to write about "Glowing Health and Vitality" when you feel quite a bit less than glowing and vital.  And since I've been living on applesauce and rice porridge for several weeks, there hasn't been much to photograph either. 

I haven't actually been sick for years and it's kind of a blow for someone who prides themselves on exceptional self-care, to feel less than excellent.  I kept trying to heal myself without a doctor, but finally gave in today and went for a series of tests.  I was impressed with the scope of tests ordered and both hope and don't hope that something will turn up to answer my questions.

Frankly, I can't wait to feel like myself again!  Nothing makes you appreciate feeling fantastic every day like NOT feeling fantastic every day.

There, I said it. 

How long do you think it will be before my mom writes me an angry email that says "How come you didn't tell me you're sick?!"

In other random, unrelated news:

1.  I just took over the moderation of a yahoo group I have long been a member of.  If you live in Israel, or have some connection to Israel, and are into all things Holistic Health/Enviornment, please join us here:

2.  Through a message posted to the above forum, I found out about this: , a chance to pledge one small eco-change you'd like to make each month.  I haven't yet decided what mine will be, there are so many:

-  I would like to make a complete change over from chemical cleaners, detergents, soaps and shampoos to all natural, homemade ones.  (This is hard as my husband does most of the cleaning and the man is ADDICTED to bleach!)

-  I would also like to start fermenting my own foods: sauerkraut, sourdough, kombucha, pickles, kimchee...

-I would like to devote more time to yoga and meditation.

-I would like to plant herbs in my window box and not kill them.

-I would like to treat my dog's sad summer skin condition without resorting to steroids.

So, I'm not quite sure where to start but I'm working on it.  Let me know if you join the challenge and what you will pledge to undertake for one month!

3.  I think I already mentioned this, but my brother-in-law is designing me a new website that will have blog and website and all sorts of cool stuff all in one place.  I am looking forward to greatly expanding my services to a broader international market when we get that up and running.  Fun times ahead!

4.  Even though I feel like the bottom of a shoe, I am going to try my dadgummitiest to cook some cool food and blog about it and maybe write some non-food related holistic wellness posts.  Deal?  Thanks for being patient with me in the meantime.


  1. (((Em))) I hate to hear that you've not been feeling well, but I have to tell you that I appreciate your honesty and vulnerability. I relate much more to people who share the good with the bad. We can all learn from each other. Let us know what the test results find.

  2. feel well soon Emily.Thanks for the share. Debbie

  3. Sorry to hear you haven't been feeling good and hopefully the tests will show that all is ok.Your blog is really nice:-)

  4. Please feel well soon, and let me know if I can bring you some healing miso soup....xoxo

  5. Thanks all! Sheila, you are too kind. I will take a pass on the soup at the moment but reserve the right to ask again if things change, OK?