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All That's Stopping You is....

I am deep in the do-do that is writing ebooks to share with you on my brand-new website / blog.  Nothing in the world brings on Writer's Block than having something you actually want to write!  I spend maybe 1 hour a day writing and 8 hours fretting about writing and re-organizing my sock drawer.

BUT, when I get everything done, it is going to be SO great and add so much value to your life!  That's the idea, anyway.

So, today I am sharing with you an article that one of my heros, Karen Knowler, wrote.  It is mahvelous.  Enjoy!

All That's Stopping You Is...

When it all comes down to it, unless you are being held captive (literally) by someone right now, which I sincerely hope not, then the only "thing" getting in your way to what you want is, indeed, you.

It's taken me a long time to really get this, but as a coach I've seen it over and over and over again. In fact, ultimately it's heartbreaking. So many dreams un-manifested. So many negative beliefs victorious. So many songs unsung, words unsaid, strawberry patches unharvested ; ).

We are all so good at coming up with excuses and reasons why not, but you know what? The Universe is ALWAYS conspiring to help us. Always. It is only US getting in our way.

And we are full of stories as to why we're different, or not X enough, or the time isn't right or whatever. And while I do believe in the divine timing of things, I also know that when we really want something, the timing IS right, and that's our inner guidance telling us so. Now we need to make it happen.

Yes. That's it. Just make it happen. No excuses. No story. No BS. Just Do It.

Recently at my one-day meeting with my business coach my "big why" vision (legacy) was birthed. Like most births it was not pain-free or without tears! But, also like childbirth, these were tears of joy and awe as much as anything. And at the end of it, I had to take a break, sit back and say "Oh My God..." at what had been created.

My coach held my feet to the fire and said, "Are you really committing to this?"

The question was a biggie. These kinds of dreams are not to be taken lightly, especially when lives are at stake and it is literally planet-changing.

So I thought about it... I mean really thought about it. I knew that if I said "yes" I would be committing to something so big, so massive in fact, that it would take most of the rest of my days to make it happen, but it would be AMAZING, legendary even.

But if I said "no"? I honestly don't believe I could live with myself, because I know I have been given exactly what I need to pull it off, even though it will stretch me to my limits and I couldn't go to my grave without at least giving it my all.

I really have no excuses. Fear would be the only thing stopping me, and even though I may get fearful at times as we all do, the difference is that I never let fear stop me.

My question to you this week is not necessarily about your legacy (although that's a great thing to think about any day of the week) but about what you are saying "no" to that is impacting yourself, your family or anyone or anything else negatively right now?

What story are you telling yourself about this?

Because, trust me, it all is just a story. There are always two sides to every coin. You just have to flip it over if you don't like what you see. You have to be prepared to see the truth, even if that means a little hard work, upheaval or stress in the short-term. You know the results will be oh-so worth it.

The fact is, the minute you decide to create a new reality for yourself an energetic "order" is put in to the Universe. The key to receiving that order is to stay true to what you are asking for, and not to wriggle and resist it, or tell yourself you're not worthy or can't have it. These are lies, and most importantly, our words have way more power than we may ever know. You have to stay in alignment with your request, see yourself living it, and be ready and grateful to receive it. Stay committed.

My coaching challenge to you this week then, is to answer that question about what you are saying "no" to, and write down on paper exactly what you are committing to saying "yes" to.

As long as your intentions are honourable, ethical and true, the Universe will hear the resonance and purity of your request and wheels will start turning in your favour.

You simply have to trust that the same force that put you on this planet loves you and is looking out for you, and gave you your hopes, dreams and desires for a reason. You are not here simply to exist, and your choosing to eat and live raw reminds you of that every day doesn't it?

So... when you've got clear on what you're going to say "yes" to and have put in your request, as that "thing" or outcome starts heading in your direction, you need to stand tall, reach out with both (grateful) hands and be ready to receive the gift that you never let yourself have before.

Are you ready to give up the excuses, stories and why nots and start living the life you dream of?

If you are, then it really is as simple as getting out your own way. I'm sorry if that's too easy or simplistic sounding, but you really do not need another debilitating excuse to play with :-)

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