Thursday, April 30, 2009

New Program Unveiled!

Spring Detox Group Program May 10- June 10. 2009 Kfar Saba

Do you ever wish you could push a Re-Set Button on your diet or health? Just wipe the slate clean and start afresh without all the old addictions and bad habits? Maybe you have wanted to try a detox, but didn’t know how to put it all together?

My name is Emily Segal, a Holistic Nutritionist from New York and I am delighted to announce the opening of my 30-Day Group Detox Program here in Israel!!!

Where: Kfar Saba
When: May 10 - June 10, 2009
How Often: One 90-minute group meeting a week for 4 weeks, time and exact day of the week to be determined by popular demand

Who is the Program Suitable For:
-Women Only
-Must be 18 or older
-Any size, shape and weight welcome
-This detox is healthy and safe for anyone, regardless of any current illnesses or health challenges.

What Does the Program Involve: A safe, supervised gradual detoxification from sugar, artificial sweeteners, wheat, dairy products, coffee, beef, alcohol and processed foods. This program uses only real, regular food you can buy in any market. There are no supplements or powders required. You will feel strong and healthy during the detox and so it may be done without affecting your work or home life. We will only be eliminating the above foods while increasing enzyme-rich fresh fruits and vegetables.

What benefits can you expect to achieve by following this 30-day detox?
-Weight loss of 2-5kgs is typical
-Improved Digestion -Reduction of Gas and Bloating
-Clearer Skin -Improved Mental Clarity
-These 30-days are an excellent jumpstart to an on-going weight loss or wellness program!

Special Group Price of 400 nis per person includes:
-Four 90-minute small-group sessions jam-packed with information, support, motivation and fun
-A Personalized Binder full of handouts, tips, menus and recipes
-Unlimited email support between sessions on our own private Yahoo group
-Demos of healthy Detox-friendly food preparation and tasting at each session (Kosher Kitchen) -Daily email motivation and support
-An exclusive group-member discount on colon hydrotherapy treatments at B-Teva Clinic in Raanana (these are optional treatments for those who want a deeper detox experience)

For registration and more information email or call Emily Segal 054-441-9858.

Emily Segal is a Certified Holistic Health Counselor, a graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition at Columbia University in New York City and an accredited member of the American Association of Drugless Practitioners. Emily is the founder and owner of Triumph Wellness in Kfar Saba. Go to for more information.

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