Monday, July 12, 2010

Another Round of Sugar Detoxing!

The 7-Day Sugar Detox: July 21- July 28, 2010
19:30 - 21:00
Kfar Saba, Israel (address to be provided on registration)
Cost 200 nis

"I took part in Emily's last 7-Day Sugar Detox and am happy to say it launched me into an entirely new, healthy lifestyle.  I am now fifteen pounds lighter and no longer look to Sugar and Sweets to fill my emotional needs." -L

"Until the Sugar Detox I had no idea how much my sugar intake was affecting my moods and my looks and how sneaky little Sugar was robbing me of my goals!" -B

"Emily's food is the best!" -S

Whether you define yourself as a full-blown "Sugar Addict" or you've just got a pesky Sweet Tooth, please join Holistic Nutritionist and former Sugar Addict Supreme, Emily Segal, for 7 days that will permanently change your relationship with the white stuff.

We will meet as a group in Kfar Saba for 2 evening sessions, first, the evening before we begin and last, the day we finish up AND enjoy email support all the days in between. This way you have full support and accountability to stick with it.

Topics covered:
-Why do we crave sweets (and chocolate) in the first place?
-How sugar and artificial sweeteners are destroying our health and our future and why chocolate is good for you if you know how to eat it right!
-How we can enjoy sweet tastes without ruining our health. I will bring you right into my own Kosher kitchen and share my best and most delicious, healthy sugar- and artificial sweetener-free recipes. My clients LOVE this part!
-How to put an end to destructive Emotional Eating for once and for all.

Additionally, during the 7 days of the Sugar Detox I will be guiding, inspiring and supporting participants every day on our own private yahoo group. No matter how many times you've tried to kick sugar in the past, this time I will give you all the tools to succeed!

Here is a sample of the some of the amazing recipes I will share. All of the recipes are Sugar-Free and Artificial Sweetener-Free. They use NO honey, silan, stevia, barley malt, or maple syrup. All the sweetness comes from natural, whole fruits. Additionally, all recipes are wheat-free, Kosher and Vegan (no animal ingredients of any kind).

And yes, they still taste DELICIOUS!

Whipped Oats for Oatmeal Haters (Oats are great blood sugar stabilizers)
Decadent Choco-Oats
Granola and Museli
Baked Apple Oats
My Famous Raw Brownies
Almond Crunch Cookies
Peanut Butter Balls
Fudgey Date Nut Torte
Apple Pie
Chocolate Mousse
Banana Ice Cream with Raspberry Sauce
Pecan Fudge
Chocolate Tofu Fudge
Lemon Poppy seed Cookies
Strawberry Mylkshake
Halvah Smoothie
The Art of Making Great Fruit Smoothies and Green Smoothies
Aduki Bean Squash Stew (Aduki Beans are especially helpful in combating sugar cravings)
Cream of Roasted Red Pepper Soup
Sweet Sensation Root Vegetable Medley
Carrot Raisin Crunch
Salad Dressings to Live For

If you'd like to attend - and I hope you will - please send me an email to or register through my website

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