Thursday, July 29, 2010

Group Hug

Last night we wrapped up the 7-Day Sugar DetoxI have to say that this was by far, my best group yet.  Every single participant in this program was really just a wonderful person and enjoyable to listen to and be with.  We all learned so much from one another - not just from my teaching - which is such a bonus and treat for me.  One of the participants had an amazing Big Why already in place and it was so delightful for me to listen to the thoughts of someone so newly blammo'ed.   I picked her brain in public.  Truly a thing of beauty that!

Everyone managed to give sugar the Heave-Ho for the 7 days of the program and all realized that it really wasn't as hard as they had anticipated.  All felt armed with a greater sense of control and with the inspiration to move forward with generally healthier habits for the future.  I shared a ton of amazing sugar-free, healthy and delicious recipes, and we cooked and sampled several of them right during class.

Such as...

Super Swiss Chard Sesame Fig Calcium Supreme

Pumpkin Tofu Curry

Entirely Fruit-Sweetened Whole Grain Chocolate Muffins

which deserve another picture...


Everything was delicious if I do say so myself.  People actually paid for this class, so it wouldn't be fair to post any recipes for free, but soon I will have recipe ebooks for purchase on the new website.  WooHoo, that's gonna be great!

"May I serve you some curry?"

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