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8-Week Total Body Transformation Program


Questions about this program have begun to trickle in, so I figured I'd cough up the details here.  It's still pretty early, but maybe this will plant a seed you can mull over in the next few weeks.

Here's the deal:  When clients come to work with me individually, we work at their own pace, which is usually gentle and slow.  Clients make changes one or two at a time as they are comfortable and we don't add new challenges until the previous ones have been accomplished.  This is a very successful approach for many people who have failed before on programs where they were required to bite off more than could chew or sustain long-term.

I continue to offer this kind of very successful program on a one-to-one basis and I welcome you to make an appointment to try it for yourself. I work in person, via phone or Skype. or

But this summer everything changed for me personally.  I'll write more about in a another blog, but I can say that I have had a TRANSFORMATIONAL few months.  I've lost some stubborn weight, gotten fitter than I've ever been before, and made huge leaps in my mental and spiritual growth.

I am committed to no longer playing small in the world and I'm looking for clients who feel the same way.  Is anyone else out there?  Ladies, who wants to play big with me?!  Who is sick and tired of not having the body she wants and letting it stop her from being her greatest and best?  Who is sick of being a slave to food, to being a slug on the sofa, to wishing things would be different?  Who is super ready to do what it takes to change it all?

The 8-week Total Body Transformation Program will be:
-in Kfar Saba

-8 Monday mornings from 11am - 12:30pm beginning October 25th

-A very small group of committed women who will hold themselves and each other accountable, give and receive support

-There is no prescribed, one-size-fits-all meal plan.  I do not tell you what to eat.  Rather, I help you devise an eating plan that suits your unique needs, tastes, and individual calorie and nutrient requirements, which I will help you understand.

-Each participant will be required to log her food and exercise online daily.  Studies show that people who keep food logs lose TWICE as much weight as those who don't!  The food logging people are much more successful at keeping the weight off for good too.  I will teach you how to do this.  It is fun and easy.  The only exception I will make to this is for those who do not have computer access daily and will instead log their food on paper and present it to me at meetings.

-Daily exercise is required to the ability of each participant.

Lots of my clients balk at the idea of logging their food, but there is NO OTHER WAY to fully understand what you are eating and why you are carrying excess weight.  Do you know that frustration of "thinking" you ate really well all week and then getting on the scale and seeing no downward progress or even a gain?  You will never again have to experience that terrible feeling once you understand exactly what you are eating and how it affects you.

I know some of you think "This is too hard.  Just give me a diet to follow."  So let me be Dr Phil for a sec and ask "Well, how's that workin' for ya?"  If it never worked before, why do you still think it WILL?  If it only worked while you were on the diet and then fell apart when you fell off the diet, then it wasn't a sustainable solution.

Here's me, before and after.  This took considerably longer than 8 weeks!  In fact it took 2 years.  But if you can get the first 8 weeks down pat, the rest is a walk in the park.  I am going to give you all the tools you need to continue on your own, but of course am always here for anyone who needs further support.

I only lost the 70 excess pounds I was carrying when I STOPPED following someone else's diet plan and learned to eat the food that I liked and that worked best for me.  And I know it was the right thing to do because it's 8 years later and the weight is still off.

Did you know that only 7% of dieters will ever reach their goal weight?  And of those who do, only 3% will maintain their goal weight for longer than a year.  I'm not so great at math, but to me that looks like a 97% long-term failure rate!  Think about all your friends who are always trying the latest diet.  Those statistics pretty much ring true, right?  There is always one or two women in a group who have lost weight by dieting and maintained it.  And then the other 97-98 women who stand there scratching their heads wondering "Why Can't I?"

The point is, we have to learn how to EAT, not how to NOT eat.  But we can't eat crap and have a dream body.  And we can't sit on the sofa dreaming of change, we have to actually get off of behinds and DO IT.

Here are a few questions to help you determine if this program is for you.  You would be a good candidate for this program if:
-you are a woman, 18 years or older
-you are really ready to drop the excuses, move beyond your fears and self-limiting behaviors, and finally step into the life and body you have always wanted.
-you are ready to give up the quick fix, short-term diet mentality
-you are willing to get in the kitchen and cook
-you are willing to try new foods and reduce the amount of processed foods, restaurant foods and sugar you currently eat
-you finally understand that you may be using your weight as an excuse for not accomplishing other things in your life or as an excuse to stay stuck, and be willing to stop
-you want to be held accountable and learn from a a certified nutrition professional who has helped many, many people lose the weight for good AND done it herself
-you want loving support and firm honesty to help you on this journey

But this program is not for everyone and that's OK too.  If you have any of the following feelings, I can tell you right up front that this particular program is NOT for you:
-you are someone who "already knows it all" and isn't willing to hear possible new ideas or actually APPLY what you know
-you are a negative person in general and would rather complain and stew than do something about it
-you are unable to let go of past hurts and pain and move beyond them.  You are stuck in your "story of woe" or think you are broken or defective and will never be able to change
-you are not ready to accept responsibility for your weight and would rather blame your thyroid, your hormones, your eating disorder, your husband or your family,. etc.
-you don't want, or are unable to take any steps outside of your comfort zone
-you want to hold onto diet mentality, and beat yourself up because it doesn't work. 
-you absolutely will not log your food daily and committ to daily exercise

All that makes me sound like a mean ball-buster and really that is so not true.  I have been there myself and there was a long time that I myself was in the "not" category above!

I want you to know that there is nothing wrong with you if you are not there yet.  I am not judging you.  In fact, if you read that list and feel you are almost there but it is all just too scary and impossible sounding, then come to me as a private client and I will help you move forward out of "stuck".  Whatever you do, just don't give up!

Shut up already and tell us the price, Emily!

1200 nis gets you eight 90-minute very small group meetings (4-5 women probably) and unlimited email support between.  It also gets you amazing, family-friendly, life-affirming recipes, handouts, worksheets and all my very best success-proven techniques from years of helping women just like you reach their weight and health goals!

Think about what it would really be worth to you to solve this problem once and for all. 

If you are interested in the group and would like an application, email me at

If you are interested in the group but need to speak with me in person first, email me at

This  program is available by application only to ensure that participants are well-matched and are in the right state of readiness.

Application deadline:  Oct 21, 2010
Program Start:  Oct 25, 2010

I hope to have you aboard this amazing journey!  Now, whether or not you are interested, we can ALL use a good song and dance and nobody says it like Natasha B!  I ADORE this song and if you do too, I think we're on the same page.  Enjoy!

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  1. You have a very amazing total transformation. I think I should also start to make a transformation for myself.