Thursday, June 10, 2010

Oh, Eminem!

OK, I have to redeem my hipness after leaving you with 20-year old disco in that last post.  I like all kinds of music really, and actually depend on music quite a bit for inspiration.  In fact, one of the tips I give to clients is to listen to an inspirational, pumped up, positive, motivating song each day.  And downloading new music onto Gumby, my ipod, is quite often my best reward for getting things done.  (Some of you know why my ipod is named Gumby and that involves an amazing motivational story too, but sadly one I did not get the author's permission to re-print.  I'd be happy to send it via email, just ask).


Today my new music download included a new song by Eminem.  The song is called "Not Afraid" and it ties in so beautifully to that last post on fear that when I heard it during my run this morning, I started to cry.  Or maybe I started to cry because it was so hot my sneakers had melted to the asphalt?  I'm not sure which, but I am sure that I LOVE THIS SONG!  If I was a rapper I would have written these exact same words.

WARNING:  This song has more unbelievable profanity in it than I have ever heard in a song.  If you don't like swear words, do NOT play the song!!! 

The link is here to a record review, scroll down for the video because it's not up on youtube yet and I think I'm not allowed to post it.

My absolutely favorite lyrics are when he says he has to excise his demons and the MFers are doing jumping jacks.  My demons do jumping jacks too!  Eminem and me, same-same.

"Not Afraid" will be the my ANTHEM for Summer 2010.  Last Summer's Anthem (which sort of lasted the entire year) was "Spotlight" by Mute Math because it was just so Edward and Bella and because of these lyrics:

"You know the one thing you're fighting to hold, is the one thing you've got to let go."


And one more folks, Snow Patrol's "Just Say Yes"

This is the song I play before I give a speech, before meeting a new client for the very first time, and generally before doing something I feel fear / hope about.

"Just Say Yes
Just say there's nothing holding you back
It's not a test
Nor a trick of the mind, only Love"

What are your favorite songs and lyrics?  What part does music play in your life?


  1. Oh Em!

    I absolutely love that you named your iPod Gumby!


  2. "Aint nothin' gonna beak my stride....!!" Aint nothin gonna slow me down, oho, I've got to keep on movin'!!