Saturday, November 27, 2010

Sweety Beety Meets the Sugar Queen

At some point in my life I will eventually learn that when I don't exercise, I feel like ca-ca and when I do exercise I feel like woo-hoo.  After that last depressing waaaaah post about being so frustrated, I got an email from a dear friend who said:

"Emily, did you skip the gym this morning by any chance?"

Um, yes.

And, I skipped it the day before too now that you mention it.


I went to Spinning on Thursday morning and like magic, everything was once again right with my world.  Live and learn and learn and learn and learn.

In other news, I read a FABULOUS book this weekend.  It's called The Sugar Queen by Sarah Addison Allen and it was as yummy as it sounds.  It's all about a young woman struggling to find her own life while stuffing all the scary bits back with a massive sweets stash in her closet.  Finally the day comes when she stops trying to plug up the holes in her heart with food and goes off in search of what she really needs.  So, basically it's the story of my life.  Ms Allen was clearly spying on me for years.  The book is romantic and sexy and funny and it made me cry and cry (but happy crying this time because I had gone to gym Friday morning too).

Highly, highly recommended.

Here are some other things I highly recommend:
Whipped Banana Oats (recipe here)
topped with Chia Seeds, Sesame Seeds and Poppy Seeds

Arugula, Tomatoes, Sun Dried Tomatoes, STRAWBERRIES, and toasted pecans
Yes, Strawberry Season has begun!

And finally I give you...

The Sweety Beety

Juice:  1 beet, 1 orange, 1 apple, and 4 carrots

Then buzz around on plant energy all day long!

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