Friday, November 12, 2010

Where'd I go?

In the doghouse.  Literally.

Bloggies!  I'm here.  I have not abandoned you in the midst of Vegan MoFo!

My Excuse:  Every day this week I woke at the crack of dawn and journeyed by bus to far off Herzliya to attend a wordpress website building class with Kelli Brown of

So, is my website up and ready?

Um, no.

So have I cooked anything at all this entire week?

No again.

Is my family starving and neglected and do they finally understand all I do for them?

We're getting there.

I promise to cook more next week.  I promise to blog more next week.  And no promises, but I am going to work my little fingertips off and try to get this new website up and running asap!

So even though I'm a MoFo wash-up at the moment, lots of other fabulous cooks are letting it rip all over the web.  If you want to see some amazing creations and get some delicious new recipes, hit up the Round Up over at HQ:

And have a lovely weekend!

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