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How do you know if the Triumph Wellness 21-Day Detox is for you?  Here are some frequently asked questions:

Q:  When does it meet?

A:  There are 3 groups this time around.  All meet for 4 sessions.
Group One meets Wednesdays in Kfar Saba from 12:00 - 13:30   Dates:  21.4, 28.4, 5.5 and 12.5

Group Two meets Thursdays in Kfar Saba from 20:00 - 21:30   Dates:  22.4, 29.4,  6.5 and 13.5

Group Three meets in Tel Aviv, days and times TBD so let me know what works for you Tel Avivians!

Q:  What is the cost?

A:  500 nis which includes all four 90-minute meetings, a binder full of handouts, recipes and notes, round the clock access to ME on our own private yahoo group, food demos and tastings at each session.

Q:  Is this a Fad Diet?

A:  Not at all!  The 21-Day Detox will show you how certain foods are affecting the way you look and feel.  Once you make this connection, you will begin to think about feeding yourself in a different way forever.

Q:  But what happens when the Detox is over?  Don't we just go back to eating how we were before?

A:  By our last meeting, 99% of participants have said "I feel so amazing.  These are changes I will be making for life!"  Yes, many go back to eating wheat, dairy, sugar, coffee, but most are permanently changed in the addictive nature they once used these foods and now ALSO include a huge variety of healthier options.  I have a few clients who continued on eating the "detox way" and have been maintaining large and effortless weight losses of up to 10kgs!

Q:  I am an Emotional Eater / have had food issues all my life / am seriously over-weight / addicted to dieting/ etc.  Can this 21-Day Detox help me?

A:  Yes, the 21-Day Detox is a great starting place.  I am a skilled and experienced Holistic Nutritionist and Counselor with many years of experience dealing with those issues, including my own personal experience with obesity, sugar addition and binge-eating disorder.  But these are not issues that will dissapear in a 21-Day group program.  I do not have time in a group to delve too deeply into any single person's food issues.  HOWEVER, additional, affordable, private counseling is available and encouraged for those who wish to go into greater depth once the detox is over.  Many Detox clients have gone on to become private clients and have reached the point of peace with food and with their bodies through our work together.

Q:  What exactly do we give up during the Detox?

A:  Week one we go off sugar, artificial sweeteners, coffee and sodas.  Week two we add the elimination of wheat (bread, pasta, couscous).  Week three we add the elimination of dairy products.  Throughout the detox you will be encouraged to eat less red meat and drink less alcohol.

Q:  There is NO WAY I can go off of coffee!  I wouldn't even want to.  Can I still do the detox?

A:  Yes!  My philosophy is always one of "do as much as you can".  If going off of coffee is not in the cards for you, come anyway and do what you can do.  That said, I WILL encourage you to decrease your intake, I will show you how to do so painlessly and help you understand why it might be important to do so.  I can't even tell you how many coffee addicts have come in saying "I can't and I won't" and find themselves coffee free and feeling great by the end of week 3!

Q:  I'm a real sugar / bread addict.  I don't think I could do this.

A:  Everyone comes in saying that and everyone succeeds despite their fears.  Sugar addiction is my specialty.  I have brought about the recovery of many sugar addicts, myself included.  I will show you how to make so many delicious sugarless desserts that you will do just fine.  And again, you can go at whatever pace you choose without judgement or negativity.

Q:  What CAN we eat???

A:  Luscious fruits with no limit, delicious fruit smoothies, all my sugar-free desserts such as the much-loved brownie balls, all your normal foods such as chicken, fish, rice, potatoes, corn, quinoa, rice cakes, sweet potatoes, polenta, beans, legumes, tofu, barley, oats, and a wide varray of vegetables, soups, salads, etc etc etc.  You will NOT go hungry!!!
Q:  What's wrong with wheat?

A:  Many, many people have varying degrees of sensitivity to wheat.  If you are suffering from gas, bloating, fatigue or stubborn weight gain, wheat is quite often the culprit.

Q:  Why eliminate dairy?

A:  Dairy is not the health food it has been touted as!  I will tell you all the truth about dairy, but bottom line is many people are not digesting it well and feel SO much better when it is gone!

Q:  How can we get enough calcium without dairy?

A:  Come to the detox and I will show you!  There is in fact LESS osteoporosis in countries where dairy products are NOT consumed!  I will also show you how to make and enjoy delicious non-dairy milks, creams and dips.

Q:  Will we have to use any powders or supplements or buy strange, expensive foods?

A:  No.  You probably will want to make a trip to the health food store for things like miso, tahina, natural peanut butter, dates, nuts and flaxseeds, but nothing any wierder than that and I will explain exactly how to buy and use everything you are unfamiliar with.  No supplements or fake food or meal replacements or anything - yuck, yuck, yuck!  Real, whole, natural food - that's my program.

Q:  I have diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, IBS, or another illness.  Is this program safe for me?

A:  Yes it is.  Feel free to ask your doctor is he/she approves of a plan that takes you off of sugar, artificial sweeteners, coffee, alcohol, wheat, and dairy.  What do you think he/she will say?  He/she will probably want to join you!

Q:  Can my teenage child join in?  He/she is a terrible eater!

A:  The program is only open to adults age 18 or older.  But you will learn many delicious recipes and become empowered to share health info with your family.  Many husbands end up joining their wives on detox "unofficially" and I receive so much positive feedback from parents who have changed the way their entire family eats for the better!

Q:  I did your 30-Day Detox program last year.  Is this going to be different?

A:  I have re-written the program based on client feedback from last year, so there will be a lot of new stuff.  Some of the content and recipes will be the same, but the majority will be new.

Q:  Is the food you prepare in class Kosher?

A:  My kitchen in Kfar Saba is Kosher and Shomer Shabbat.  The kitchen in Tel Aviv is not Kosher, but all the food will be Kosher, Parve and Vegan.

Q:  Is this program available only to people in Israel?  I live in another country.

A:  It is only available as a group program here in Israel, but I do counsel people from all over the world via skype.  I would be happy to privately walk any skype client through the exact same 21-Day Detox Program.  Email me for details

Q:  I have additional questions you didn't answer here.  Where can I ask them?

A:  Please email me at or call 054-441-9858, or leave a comment below.

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  1. This program is absolutely amazing!!!!!

    As a chocolaholic I could not believe how easy it was to stop craving chocolate.

    What is most important in Emily's program is not what you stop eating but how you learn to prepare and eat such healthy food.

    Many products I knew were healthy and good for me I just never really ate them because I didn't know how to prepare them. Emily actually shows you how to easily prepare the foods in her kitchen so you can just run home and do the same.

    I did the program 8 months ago and these good eating habits have become a permanent part of my (and my family's) life!

    Thank you Emily!

     Oran Aviv
    Reflexology and So Much More