Friday, April 2, 2010

Travels with Matzah

So for like one glorious, shining moment, my house was spotlessly clean.   Now it's all crappy again.  I think it was Phyllis Diller who said that "Cleaning your house when you have children is like shoveling the walk while it's still snowing." 

Anyhoo, if you want to see all the family pics from the last few days of our vacay, head on over to Facebook.  I'll be posting them there soonly.  (Friend me up here).

If however, you are here to see what we ate while traipsing around the country, scroll yourselves on down...

Here's vacation day lunch break Numero Uno at Qumran, the archaeological site where they found the Dead Sea Scrolls.  It's right across from the Dead Sea.
Cheese n' Salad Sandwiches in Matzoh
The kind tree that kept me from going Edward Cullen to Tomato Red all in one day.

Chocolate Spread on Matzoh (yes, I know this is pure trans-fat, but Pesach is the one time of the year that we eat it and it's YUM!)

Later on, after we had driven down to the Dead Sea, floated for a bit, slathered up in mud and all that, we cooked dinner on the beach.  Now, if you live in Israel, you will realize how funny the following pictures are.  If not, I will explain.  Here in Israel, everyone carries these little bbq thingies in their cars and whenever the mood strikes, right there on the side of the road, at a campsite or picnic grounds, voila, instant bbq.  On Holidays such as this one, where everyone is out enjoying the outdoors, the air is so thick with the smoke of charring meat, you can probably see it from outer space.

But did you ever stop to think, "Well what do vegetarians do when they eat outside?"

Pasta my friends, we made pasta (kosher for passover pasta of course)!

On to DAY TWO:

Floating down the Jordan River

Cutting up the grilled pepper (yes, this time there WAS a bbq indeed!)

But I made sure there was a fine spread anyway...
Fennel salad, tahina with lots of parsley, guacamole, mashed grilled eggplant, veggies, salad...

Finally, any vacation that ends with children in the following position, has been a success as far as I'm concerned!

Back with more after Shabbat!


  1. How awesome that you are floating down a river and visiting a sea that I've only read about in the Bible!

  2. Christy, that's what LIVING here is like! I walk somewhere and think about our Biblical ancestors who walked the very same streets! You have GOT to come here for a visit chica!!