Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Fastest Way to Get Unstuck

The Triumph Wellness Fast-Track 21-Day Detox Class
3 classes to choose from beginning April 21, 22 and 23 in Kfar Saba and Tel Aviv

Are you ready to revitalize your health and achieve a whole new level of Triumph? 
Why go on another diet, when this is the quickest, easiest and FUNEST way to get unstuck, unclogged and unfrumped?

Make lasting changes in your life and feel exquisitely fit and happy by adopting my super-simple, straightforward approach to healthy living through holistic nutrition.

There are SO many glowing testamonials from past participants in this program that is was hard to choose just a few:

"I never thought I would be able to make it through a single day without sugar and soda. Here I am 30 days later, several kilos lighter and feeling better than I could have imagined. I will never go back to the way I ate before. I could never have done it without Emily and the group!" - L.R.

"Emily, I cannot thank you enough. Since the detox I have lost 19lbs and feel fanatstic!!" -S.G.

"I lost 4kgs and have finally gotten on the right track to healthy living. I always knew what I was supposed to be eating before, but just was never able to DO IT before Emily showed me how." - T.W.

"Emily is lively and knowledgable. She provides valuable information week by week along with great recipes and yummy tastings! She makes a month-long detox seem very easy." -I.R.

"Emily's programme might seem daunting at first but once you begin and taste all the wonderful recipes and immediately start reaping the benefits, you really do not want the month to end. Anybody who cares about their body should do this programme!" - SK

"My whole family is eating better thanks to Emily's wonderful recipes and inspiration." - D.R.

Quite simply....   YAY!

Do you want to…

Restore your body to a healthy weight and fitness level?

Say goodbye to stress and hello to unswerving energy?

Turn your back forever on fad diet programs?

Live a life that allows for “me time” and lavish, restorative rest?

Never again be held back by the limitations of your health?

Me!  Me!  I do!  Sign me UP!

If you recognize your own goals in the list above, then join the class people have been raving about all year!

You are cordially invited to participate in an extraordinary 4-week detox program where I’ll share my top, tried-and-true tips for permanently eliminating negative food forces that keep you from living your best life. I’ll personally guide you along a clear-cut path toward total health and wellness.

What You Must Know About “Detoxing” (and why it’s not what you think it is): Detoxification – at least as I teach it – is about removing the negative habits that keep you trapped in a life you do not want while adding positive steps that help you live a healthy life ful of vibrance and energy. The Triumph Wellness 21-Day Detox is a bridge that leads to rejuvenation and restoration and launches you fully into total wellness.

For ALL of the details, check here. 

To speak to me in person or to register: Emily@TriumphWellness.com or 054-441-9858

(Here's the obligatory 3rd person intro-elevator-shpiel:)
Emily Segal is a Board-Certified Holistic Nutritionist, a graduate of The Institute for Integrative Nutrition in NYC, and a member of the American Association of Drugless Practioners. To learn more about Emily visit www.TriumphWellness.com

Oh, and by the way, I'm Emily and this is my Blog.  Have a look around and get to know me a bit.  I'm nice.  A little crazy, but in a totally good way.

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