Saturday, November 14, 2009

100 Days of Vegan Yumminess

Today my blog takes a turn in a different and more personal direction. I hope you don't mind! Contrary, I hope this will make for interesting and hopefully inspiring reading.
First of all...quick trip through memory lane:

I have been a vegetarian more or less since high school. There have been periods of meat-eating thrown back in there, but mostly just lacto-ovo vegetarianism. I initially became a vegetarian "because of the animals" blabitty-blab, but continued on, not just because of the animals, but because I learned that it is a healthier way of living, it's better for the environment, it's easier to control my weight, it makes me feel like a better person.

Latco-ovo vegetarianism means eating no lamb, chicken, beef, fish or pork, frogs, snails, dogs... ack, ok whatever, but it does include consumption of dairy products and eggs. I have known for sometime that the dairy and egg industries are also brutally cruel to the animals and that both feed directly into the beef and poultry industry, but yet I was never really able to motivate myself to stop eating them, save for two 30-day long Raw Vegan Challenges I did a few years ago. I have been edging ever closer to Veganism in recent years and now have decided I am ready to take the plunge.

In fact, I bolted awake at 4am this Friday morning past with the words "100 Day Vegan Challenge" on my lips. And "blog about it" was thought #2.

So here we are. I am starting, tomorrow, Sunday, November 15, 2009, a 100 day Vegan Challenge where I will do my best to not eat anything that came from an animal. I'll post here anything interesting, good recipes, tips and all sorts of vegan goodness.

What are my objectives for undertaking this challenge? (Holistic Health Coach long-term motivation tip: It's always important to know WHY you are doing something and even better to be EXCITED about why you are doing something.)

1. The animals, the environment, my physical health, my spiritual health. I plan on talking more on each of those subjects in the days to come. (But not in a self-indulgent, boring, navel-gazing way!)

2. Dairy is gross. It's cow breast milk. I'll say more about this later, but basically, Ick.

3. Eggs are chicken periods. I mean seriously. WHY are we eating the product of their reproductive cycle?? I wouldn't eat something that came out my own hoo-haw, so....

4. You still with me? Good, stick around. I promise this will be fun and non-preachy scary. Most of the time.

4. I'm ready to lose a little more weight. I have been holding steady here for almost 7 years now, after losing 70 lbs. It's fine, I'm a normal weight and my blood sugar numbers look good, but I am finally ready to get a bit leaner. I have a feeling this is going to help me get there.

5. I have lactose intolerance. I contiually play Russian roulette with my digestive tract and that's just dumb.

6. The last and potentially most exciting reason for me, is that I am finally in a position to influence a larger audience of people. Already many of my nutrition clients are embracing vegetarianism in their lives, from going all the way, to eliminating dairy, to just including more vegetarian dishes now and then. It's all good. Every little bit we do helps. Every animal we don't eat is...well, an animal we don't eat. And an artery in our own body that doesn't get more clogged.

So please, stick with me here, check back often, be inspired by a recipe, enjoy my writing, challenge some of your own ideas about the food we eat. I promise to make this FUN! Or funny. Or embarrasing, which will be funny for everyone except me. So still funny for you.

I'll see you all tomorrow armed to the teeth with Tofu!

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