Monday, November 23, 2009

Day 9: A Day Without Hummus

I was embarrased by all the hummus eating, so I made an effort to not eat any today.  ;-)

I also didn't take any pictures or cook any new food.  Boring me. Yeah, well I do have a business to run.

I woke up and had tea with almond milk and then an apple.

Then to Dance class.

I brought a giant smoothie with me to the gym which I enjoyed after class.  It was like 85 degrees F here today - eat your heart out North Americans!  My smoothie had: 

1 banana
2 kiwis
1 clementine
2 T ground flaxseed/pumkpin seed mix
1 T hemp seeds
2 cups water

Lunch was BIG and lasted for quite a long time:

Rice cakes with an entire avocado and lots of lettuce leaves
2 whole tomatoes
1 whole red pepper
The end of the tofu-broccoli leftovers
The last piece of the foccacia
Some halvah & a handful of raw cashews
A big bowl of popcorn (popped on the stove - not microwave crapola please)
More tea with soy milk this time

Whew!  I was hungry today!  But then by dinnetime, the hunger had passed, so I skipped it.  This way of eating - with the largest meal mid-day and then a light, or no dinner is a very healthy way to live.  Digestion is strongest mid-day, we are moving around the most, metabolism is burning hot.  This is the ideal time to fuel up with quality calories.  Incidentally, the Israeli way of eating mirrors this format.  Israelis will often eat a large, cooked meal mid-day and then just a light snack at night.  I guess I live in the right country!  I sleep so much better too when I don't go to sleep with a full belly.

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