Thursday, January 14, 2010

Day 61 Dr. Fuhrman needs to learn how to simplify in the kitch

First off, I just want to say that my heart goes out to the victims and families of the earthquake in Haiti.  It's totally ridiculous to be chuckling over my dietary adventures when such a staggering tragedy has occurred.  I completely understand this fact and I have no good defense for myself.  May the suffering soon come to an end and the world be united in support for the survivors as they work to put their shattered lives back together.

                      *                                 *                                       *

As promised, I tackled Dr. Fuhrman's famous Anti-Cancer Soup yesterday.  It took about an hour all told and managed to dirty several major appliances.  I'm thinking that probably Dr Fuhrman doesn't have to wash his own dishes.  The soup was good, but it wasn't THAT good.

The actual recipe can be found here.  Here it is in pictures:

Into a pot you put green split peas, whole onions, whole zucchini, whole leeks and a little water.  You start that cooking while you juice this:

That's a big mess o'carrots and celery and it makes this:

You add the carrot-celery juice to the veggies and peas in the pot.  Wash your juicer and chop a bunch of mushrooms.  By then, the veggies in the pot are soft and you can take them out and puree them in your blender:

Then you add raw cashews to the blender. 

The cashews are there to make the soup creamy and smoky-tasting.  Also, the soup has not had any oil or fat yet, so here the cashews will be taking that role in a very healthy way.

Finally you add in the mushrooms and some tvp plus whatever sort of seasoning you're using (I used salt, pepper and Hawaij for soup, because I have decided that everything is better with Hawaij on it).

Let it cook for another 20 minutes or so while you clean the disaster that is now your kitchen and finally...

Soup.  Everybody ate it.
(although I am willing to consider the possibility that they were afraid of what would happen if they didn't...)

Lastly, because man cannot live on soup alone, I give you  Dog + Shoe:


  1. You crack me up. :) This was funny. I think I'll skip this soup. :)

  2. Em - That was funny. We all need a good laugh to keep things balanced with all the tragedy happening overseas right now. I for one, will not be making that recipe. Whew! Thanks for testing it out for us. That was alot of work for a soup.

  3. Ha! I said back in January that I wouldn't be making it. Well, never say never because it is on my to do list.

    It looks like you have the same juicer that I have. I hate it. It yields so little juice and leaves behind mounds of pulp. Do you have that happen too or am I not doing something right?

    If I blend the carrots and celery instead of juicing, do you think the soup will come out okay or will the extra volume and fiber throw it off???

  4. Christy, it's not worth it. It doesn't even really taste very good.

    I love that juicer actually. But I've never used another one so I wouldn't know if it's making too little juice. The pulp is VERY dry, so I don't know how it could get any more juice out of it?

    I don't think the celery would blend smooth. You wuld have all sorts of strings in the soup. Personally, if I were to make it again, I would just BUY vegetable stock and use that instead. If I remember correctly, Imagine brand has all sorts of yummy stock flavors. Use butternut squash or something instead of the carrot-celery juice.

    Good Luck and don't say I didn't warn you!