Monday, January 25, 2010

Day 72 A Blustery Day

Hang on Piglet!  Just hang on.

This morning I enjoyed a Sesame Mylkshake before heading off to the gym.  In the rain.  On my bike.  Devotion or Stupidity?  You be the judge.

1 banana
1 date
2 cups water
1 T tahini
1 T ground pumpkin/flaxseed blend

After achieving Wrung-out Dishrag Status once again, I ate an orange, got all warmed up in the sauna and headed back home.  Lunch was this My-Eyes-Are-Clearly-Bigger-Than-My-Stomach fiber festival of lentil soup plus a huge salad topped with aduki bean burgers:

Shocking to think I would ever be hungry again after that bean-y lunch, but alas, come dinnertime, it was time to feed again.  Plus, I promised new dishes right?  Well, sometimes new dishes rock and sometimes they suck.... 

Tonight I attempted something called "Chickpea and Eggplant Kibbeh" from Vegan Planet by Robin Robertson.  I assumed Kibbeh would be like Kubbeh, a delicious appetizer made of ground lamb and a crunchy bulgur shell.  First I had to overcome the fact that I had no idea what "bulgur" is in Hebrew and accidentally left the house without consulting a dictionary.  Many thanks go to Andrea who answered my distress call, consulted her dictionary, and provided me with the completely unpronouncable בורגול

Nevermind, I got the bulgur in the end without having to make a greater fool of myself than I do on any normal day.  I soaked it in boiling water, mixed it with chopped chickpeas and spices and it looked like this:
Then I sauteed onions, eggplant, pinenuts and lemon juice:
Then I layered first the bulgur-chickpea mixture as botton crust, the eggplant mixture as filling and the remaining bulgur-chickpea as top crust:
So, it looks nice but truthfully, it is completely boring.  Not to mention the enormous amount of unappetizing leftovers, sigh.

At least the wine was good.

P.S.  I made homemade Tapioca Pudding for my family's dessert tonight.  If there is any food less vegan than tapioca pudding, I have not come across it yet.  Now, I'm obsessed with veganizing it.  Stay tuned...

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