Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Cleansus Interuptus

I actually got a lot of emails and calls from people who aren't quite comfortable with what I'm writing about cleansing.  The questions ranged from whether perhaps I'm developing an eating disorder to why would I start a cleanse right after finishing the 100 day vegan challenge?

Let me try to explain in a nutshell:  We eat roughly 3 meals a day 365 days a year.  Right?  That's a lot of eating.  It's also a lot of time spent on shopping, cooking, thinking about shopping and cooking, eating and digesting.  Yes, our bodies are meant to do all that eating and digesting.  Yes, we eat three times a day in order to fuel our bodies.  Yes, yes, yes, you are correct.

But what's the big deal about taking a little break from it all?  Almost all spiritual traditions use abstention from food in the way of fasting as a way to purify body and soul.  When you fast (or juice fast or smoothie fast or raw fruit and veg fast or whatever) you step off the hamster wheel of foodfoodfoodfood.  You discover how much time you actually have to DO things and how much energy you have when you aren't digesting all the time.  And if you really want to understand who you are, and what your relationship to food is, there is not a better way to learn that I know of.

We Spring Clean our homes.  We take our cars in for service and change the oil.  Twice a year, at the change of the seasons Winter-to-Spring and then Summer-to-Fall, it's wonderful to do a little maintenance, spring clean and oil change on our own bodies and minds.

Oh, and the vegan challenge was just to see how it would be to go from vegetarian to vegan.  It had nothing to do with cleansing or detoxing.  I still drank my coffee with oat milk and munched on my vegan cupcakes!


This was lunch today

Feel better now?  That's rice and beans and salad and avocado.  It was yum.

Tonight we went out for dinner for my son's birthday and I ate this:

I love me some big bowl of hummus!

Tomorrow I'll probably go back to mostly juices and smoothies for a bit, but by Passover I'll be clean, shiny, fresh, energized and ready to eat some Matzoh Balls!!

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