Thursday, March 18, 2010

There's no Rainbow without first Rain

I slept 9 hours again last night!  This is some DEEEEP relaxation I've gotten myself into, babes.

The daily food began with another food processor "smoothie" which really is not very smooth.  Banana, Orange, Date, Water, Oat Milk, Flax and Tahina.  Did you know that I can't even say the word "chunky" without feeling like I'm gonna hurl?  It's a fact, Jack.

Then I biked to the gym for legs, abs and cardio.  It was COLD today!  OK, so not like NY Cold, but colder than the blast furnace of a few days ago.  Came home famished and hit up the rest of the Oat-Date Peanut Balls, yum. 

Lunch was bowl of leftovers:

Roatsted Veggies with Lentil Bolognese

Then, there was a Double Rainbow which was a lovely omen for what was to happen later on (that's some literary for-shadowing, credit to my 10th grade English teacher Mr. Mann, may he rest in peace).

The funny thing is that in the 41 years that I lived in the US, I saw maybe 5 rainbows total.  In the two years we have been in Israel, I have easily seen 3 times that many!  You know what that means, don't you?

Snack was 2 apples, an orange, a pear, a carrot and a pepper = an edible rainbow.  Then I got busy stove-top roasting some peppers and eggplant for the Shabbat salads as part of the cookbook review I keep talking about:

Holy Nightshades Batman!


when that darling man I married 15 years ago in a stroke of absolute genius, returned home from work, he was carrying this:

I lovingly dedicate the follow song to my BFF:


  1. What a honey! Was it love at first sight? (You can decide if I"m talking about your husband or the blender... ;-)

    xxx Oran

  2. Yayyyy on the new blender! Your husband is a GEM!

  3. Use it in good health! What a thoughtful guy! Also -- love the edible rainbow idea and anything Muppets! Hope to catch a cooking class of yours again some time. xoxo

  4. Hi Everyone! Oran, you'll notice that I also did not specify if my BFF is my hubby or the blender, hehe, just kidding.