Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I Live inside a Blast Furnace

So today we are experiencing what is lovingly known as Sharav or Hamsin, which is really just an exotic way of saying "boiling hot air and sand are blowing across the Sahara and into my face."  Luckily I got up bright and early and got to the gym and back before the Wall of Scorchingness hit.

First thing I want to show you today is the amount of food it takes to fuel my 12-yr old son for about 2 hours:
This is Hafsekat Eser, which means, the "snack" we send with our kids to eat at 10am, a mere 2 hours after they have eaten breakfast and about 2-3 hours before they get lunch.  Each day my son asks for more and more food and judging by his alarming body growth, I would guess he's actually eating it.  That's two egg sandwiches (4 slices whole grain bread and a 2-egg and scallion omelette), 2 clementines, 1 cucumber, a yogurt, a bag of dried apples and pecans and a side of olives.  May G-d Bless the boy.

Of course, the apple does not fall far from the tree.  I suppose I eat quite a large volume of food myself:

Red Cabbage, Raspberries, Banana, Orange, Flaxseeds, Walnuts, Water become this:

Totally delish!

Aduki-Sweet Potato & Corn Chowder for lunch:

And this pretty little thing:
Carrot Salad with Orange and Cranberry

Those last 2 are both from the Sugar Detox Class, so you gotta come to my classes to get these recipes!! Or you could just ask me.  Oh, and I used a different bowl.  For you.

Until tomorrow,
your sweaty heap of a Health Counselor,


  1. Love your humor today, Emily!! This heat makes so many other people hideously grumpy. Not you.....x

  2. Hm, constantly sweaty undergarments will do that to a person.

    Speaking of, this heat must be brutal on your laboring mommies!

  3. You have pretty bowls, Em, but you've got to give a shout out to your son for me. Tell him I am super impressed with the amount AND the quality of food he is eating. WTG!