Sunday, March 28, 2010

Passover is Coming!

Hi Everybody!  How's it going?  I'm doing great.  I finished my cleanse up before Shabbat and feel absolutely fabulous and very, very energetic.  I had ants in my pants yesterday and my husband and I ended up walking all the way to and then through Moshav Gan Haim!  For those of you who aren't from around here, basically we were walking for over 2 hours and I could have gone more.  The day before, I easily ran 8K, my longest distance in 3 years!  Guess I really freed up some serious energy by eating so much enzyme-rich, easily-digested smoothies, fresh juices and soups! 

I am going to need all this energy heading into the next couple of days, as indeed, we are in the home-stretch before Passover, which begins on Monday night.  I'm hosting the seder here for 14 of my assorted inlaws.  The meal will not be vegan, or even vegetarian.  I'm serving fish, chicken soup and roast chicken and rumor has it my husband is preparing a lamb leg, but I don't cook mammals so he'll be on his own with that.  Of course there will be vegetable-based dishes and I will post them plus recipes. 

And just for the record, I don't eat the non-vegetarian items, although I will be including eggs and dairy in my diet again for the week of Passover.

Husband and I stayed up late last night to finish our cleaning (as did most of the Jewish world, I suspect) and we are now Chametz-Free and the cooking can commence.  But first, FITNESS calls!

I'll be back later I hope with some food pics and recipes...


  1. SO inspiring, as usual. yesterday was a GREAT day for a walk!

  2. You're an inspiration, Emily. Will be looking for your guidance as we make our way through the deserts (desserts:) this week. It's great being in Israel for this holiday! Have a fabulous Pesach! xoxo