Tuesday, March 16, 2010

It's Only a Blender

This morning, as I rushed around the kitchen preparing for a 9am cooking session with a client, I clumsily dropped my glass blender on the ceramic floor.  As it broke into a hundred glass fragments, I began to shriek in horror.  My husband came running, ready to save me from whatever terrible calamity had befallen me.  When he saw the blender remains on the floor, he knew enough about my feelings for my blender, to just wrap his arms around me and let me cry it out.  He's a good husband.

Silly?  To be so attached to a kitchen appliance?

I couldn't even get a hold of myself after the mess was cleaned up and my client, seeing me sniffling and watering, said in Hebrew "That all of your troubles should be this bad."  She's 100% correct of course.  It's just a blender.

We can buy another one.

But it won't be THIS one. 

Almost three years ago, as we prepared to leave our home, our conutry, our friends and our family to strike out into an unknown life in a foreign country, I had to replace my trusty, much used American blender with one that would run on the 220-volts that run through Israeli electric wires.  My husband, then working in electronics sales, brought me home this Panasonic beauty.  We packed the blender, along with the rest of our wordly possesions into a shipping container to sail across the seas and meet us on the other side.

My lovely kitchen in NY.  See Blender in spot of prominence.

Kids standing in empty shipping container.  Hi Cocoa!

The material sum of all our years on the planet being squished into said container.

Locked and Loaded.  How sad they look!

Two months later, my new kitchen in Israel awaiting the arrival of the new blender.

It's really like the end of an era for me.  Another string cut from my life of "before" and my new life of "now."  The new machine we will buy will come from here and no doubt we will have our pants ripped off by some fine Israeli electronics scammery, the likes of which NY salesmen can only aspire to.  Who remembers the "Sony Guts" skit??  See what I mean?

Farewell fine machine.  So many people were nourished by the frothy, fruity refreshments you produced.  We will all miss you but no one as much as me!